The construction industry of Japan is facing a recession recently and the lives of craftmen and workers who are particularly contractors of the construction industry are threatened. In order to solve the problems, we have developed a completely new construction technology after many years of researching.

This development can help every people involved in the work get benefit. It got the patents due to it has been developed with new concepts, rules, tools and component material that did not exist in the conventional methods such as striper, fixsus, striving mortar. These are great weapons that only we could have. Furthermore, OPA (Ooparts Asia Co., Ltd) was established to develop this project in ASEAN region. We are currently working in OPA to manufacture and sell patent tools, focusing on ASEAN countries.

striving method

Our vision is to be a representative of technological company in 21 st century. By expanding this business to the world, we can help applying new technology into the business while securing employment to young people. This technology is easy to get acquainted and skilled in a short time even for inexperienced person, with a certain level of exercise capacity and calculating ability. By dispatching technicians to Japan and training them by actual practical training system, we resend them to ASEAN countries to work as special skills personnel. Currently, we are developing in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore and India. We are confident that it will be spread around the world, especially in ASEAN countries.


Striving Method is an installation method of floor and wall ceramic tile originally developed by OOParts Japan. Its special tools for the construction are striper, fixsus and striving mortar.
Tool to solve the gap problem when tiling wall and floor Among those special tools, fixsus is essential tool for eliminating the gap between 4 tiles and increasing the construction speed extremely. By using fixsus, there will be very few problems after construction as the current method.
Tool for preventing tile to fall when tiling the wall

Tool for Striving method

Special mortar for striving method When the striving method is applied, there are some works that can not be done well with only the striper. Striving mortar will make those works possible to be done. The thickness and the height limit of the normal mortar caused those matter and the striving mortar serves as a solution (combination with striper)

Tool for striving method
A special tool to form the foundation by mortar in order to speed up the work.

OOPARTS ASIA Pte, Ltd was established in November 2013 at 46 Mayo Street #02-04 Singapore
208322 with the chartered capital is $ 56,000.
FOUNDER: Mr. Akitoshi Ozaki (1950) is the President and CEO.
2013: Established
2014: DBT (cooperation with DBT in Malaysia)
2014: Training for JBC in India
2014: Joint venturing with SCG Group in Thailand
2015: Start striving business in Vietnam, cooperation with Architects & Construction Service
Corporation (ACSC)